Monday, July 27, 2015

Feeling Bad

Hi Everyone
it has been a while since I wrote and sometime I would like to write more but then I think no one will want to read I just do not bother and at this stage I am thinking about not blogging anymore.....Lots going through my head at the moments.

First of all I think I am not being a very good wife or mother but maybe I never was in the first place.

Took my little boy to the dr today just thinking he had a bit of ear wax that was stubborn and would not come out and he asked me how long it had been that brown colour and how long he has had it. I said about a week and thought it was just a bit of wax he now tells me that he may have a serious infection in ear and will not know that until the swob he took comes I feel like a great mum.....NOT.

Have joined a very different Facebook group and it has made me realise that maybe my life is not as exciting as some other people' fact mine is pretty boring and very dole in comparison.....make me think I live under a rock....who hoo have my eyes been opened this past me if you want to know the group....I may just invite you to join.

My Favourite TV show BATB lets just say I am not enjoying this season as much as past ones....I will not stop watching.....but with only a 13 episode season I feel they are trying to pack so much in each episode they are missing on stuff that really need to be there....but that is just my opinion.....I guess I want more of the romance that was promised......being a huge romantic by heart I guess I need that.

Oh well,better get back to cooking the lasagne for tea and my boys are calling me to play a board game with them. Catch you soon.