Monday, November 24, 2014

Family Traditions

Hi Everyone

Has been a while since I wrote but that is because I have been sick and really I am not getting the support I thought I feel a little let down/disappointed....but that is just me.(moving on)

Anyway leading up to this festive season (ahead) I am writing about any family traditions you may have and if you are introducing any or new ones this year does not have to be about Christmas just things you do together.

I am writing this while feeding lunch to master 2 before nap time and I can not wait for the brownies that are currently cooking to be ready.....I need a brownie coma today.

So back to traditions that you do.

We have started to do Pizza Friday here....we make the pizza base(very simple dough)
and then adding whatever we find in fridge or far it has been great. the boys are loving choosing what goes on the pizza and they are loving the base too.......I am hoping I can keep this going well in to the boys growing up and even if I am feeding a small army of friends if they are home before going out this will make me so happy...... I like to dream anyway.

Last year for Christmas we introduced an Elf on the shelf (JT Vincent) the boys loved him.....they would jump out of bed every morning to see where JT would appear. Will admit we loved to make him do naughty things as well as special things......we had just as much fun as the kids. If you do not know about the Elf on the shelf he arrives on the December 1st and every night he reports back to santa about the kids behaviour and then reappears in a different spot each morning.....sometime he get up to bad things.....example of our elf below. This will continue for a few years yet.

I also want to add that this year has just flew by my Master 5 will soon be at school 5 days and week not just 3 days and he loves school which I am so happy just got to stop the attitude and we will be right.

I am hoping to start another tradition next year that does not involve my family but my friends that we go and have lunch at least once a month.....we get so busy as mums.....we need to slow down and have that time just for us.....only need to be 2 hours......but that is my time(not going to feel guilty for it) I am even going to write it in my diary so it becomes an appointment just for if you would like to join me let me know.

So what traditions do you have or are you starting some this year....would love to hear them. 

Have a great Monday.....I am going back to my brownie coma now.....ahhhh

Elita xxxx

Friday, November 14, 2014

Eye Candy Friday

Hi Everyone

Hope your week is going well TGIF (thank god its Friday)

Was watching early morning tv this morning (unsettled children) and came across a show I had not seen for ages and I thought he was a bad boy that I would not mind dating.

So todays eye candy is:

Yes Mr. Luke Perry 90210 bad boy too cute for words..... now who would not like to be close to this just once. And the fights Brenda and Kellie would have over him.

Have a great weekend everyone

Elita xx

Monday, November 10, 2014

My Pregnancies(read if you would like too)

Hi Everyone

Hope the weekend was good mine was fantastic, I know I said I would write about this a while back but have only just remembered that I would do.....and today I am not sure what else to write about...have a mind if you do not want to read it that is fine by me.

So I have 2 beautiful boys...well sometime a bit hard to handle but what children are not sometime.

So lets start with Master 5 which I will say was a very hard and scary pregnancy after my cancer treatment. I would get worried about every pain or anything else I would feel. Morning sickness lasted all day and I still worked with children and changed nappies so that did not help, I was exhausted by the end of the day and I came home ate tea and went straight to bed.

At 12 weeks my blood test came back with an overactive thyroid was started on thyroid medication 2 time daily which can cross the placenta but you need to have them and also monthly blood test even got down to weekly blood tests so much fun but had a great dr. to help me with never had a thyroid issues until I had that thyroid storm with my cancer(read my other motherhood post for all those details)  I had a forward facing placenta so I felt no movement until about 19 weeks with him, which worried me as everyone keep asking me any movement yet....which I would reply "no".

 I had a pretty big scare at 24 weeks I had a bleed and it was not a small bleed so admitted to hospital and told that if it does not stop I would need to deliver my baby....who would not survive......I remember laying in the hospital bed tell my little man to stay there that the world is not that great at the moment and was better in side then out in this world.....he must of listened he stayed there for now.

I got to week 25 and was wondering where my baby belly was I had nothing just looked fat and horrible my obgyn told me that may never get one....(larger lady) I so wanted that belly and then by the time 34 weeks came I had a small one but only if you looked at me from the side and then I would have to really hold my top down for you to see it. As I worked with children I was put on bed rest from 30 weeks and I got so sick of laying on the couch watching daytime tv.

I went for my 36 week appointment and that when the worried look started....your baby has not grown any.....I went should I be worried.....she told me to go home and rest and she would see me next week.....I remember the next Wednesday I had the first appointment of the day....hubby told me to take my bag and I told he do  not be silly will not need that......should have taken it did not come little man had stopped growing and would need to come back in to hospital and then hooked up to machines and other things......the following day my little man was born at 6pm via C-section and was quickly rushed away to nicu he sent the night in humidity crib as he was so small at just 6 pound. Obgyn came in and told me we where luck that he was born he might not have been with us if we had left him unable to feed him myself so with heartbreak I bottled fed him....6 nights in hospital with him to make sure he was putting on lucky to have master 5.

So now master 2, my pregnancy with him was very similar to master 5 and was told my obgyn that maybe pregnancy did not agree with me. morning sickness was the same and cooking tea was horrible and knowing I needed to eat it went against everything that I want to do. plus I had a toddler that I need to deal with he was 2 when I was pregnant. Again I had a front placenta (so on movement until 25 weeks which was very normal) and thyroid issue which that picked up at 19 weeks so back on the medication for that....which was fun more blood tests and reporting to dr. and I had to do this with a toddler in times and lots of freddo's were eaten while mummy had appointments.......great mummy skills....LOL.

Because I was able to rest a little more at home while my toddler played my later half of my pregnancy went well I was booked for a C-section again (safest way for me to have children because of my thyroid)
Went to hospital on the day my operation was happening and I remember thinking this feel weird but I got a chance to say good bye to my toddler while he went to stay with his grandparents for the stay in hospital I arrived early morning but would not being going down until about 1:30pm hubby got his lunch brought to him while I watched him eat it....looked so good. Off to theatre straight in and my master 2 was delivered by 2 pm again a small baby 6 pound 2 oz was able to hold him while they stitched me up then back upstairs to meet one set of to get cleaned up as he was getting a little cold with me. After an hr I wondered where he was so hubby went to check on him....after about 30 min I had regained enough feeling in toes to sit up and wonder where he was then he came back and told me that he has been kanga caring with our son he was in a humidity crib and would be there until his temp was normal and he could hold that temp for 6 hrs......following morning came and I was allowed to shower and walk down to see my little boy in NICU that walk is hard as I did not know what I would be facing.....the staff knew me straight away and welcomed me like I was a friend not a that.

I was able to hold him and gave him a feed (bottle as I produced no milk due to thyroid problems and obgyn told me so hard the 2nd time and with a toddler so she made the decision for that too) then was told he needed to stay with them in nicu because they are waiting for blood test to come back....and hr later my fears really kicked boy had an infection(sepsis) and he need to be on a drip.......ahhh he is one day old WTF........but I did what my paediatrician suggested it took over 2 hrs to get the drip in and then he would have to stay in ICU so I had people visiting me and no baby for them to hold they were not allowed to see him, his big brother only saw him for about 30 hard seeing your baby with a drip in and a nasal tube too. The staff were wonderful they would come a get me when he needed a feed or change....even in the middle of the night.....sometime they would bring him down to me and just sit with me for 30 mins so I could hold him out of the nursery....because he had an infection I also got treated with antibiotics and we found out that perhaps I had been leaking fluid for a few days before the C-section. So 6 days on the drip for my tiny man and then another few days to make sure he was taking the bottle well and putting on in totally 9 days in hospital I was so happy to be going little man slept and drank he is a very full on 2 yr old.

I will be having no more children my obgyn will not allow it and that is fine by me...I just hug and get my baby fix from other people children's....that works for me.

ok so that it it.....anyone want to share there stories feel free I would love to hear them.

Elita xxx

Friday, November 7, 2014

Eye Candy Friday

Hi everyone

I am doing this very quickly this morning before playgroup, so please forgive me if there are mistakes.

I am not sure who I have done for eye candy Friday......I didn't think to write a list.

I have been thinking about this guy since I saw his last movie trailer. So let get right to him.

Yes Mr. Paul Walker will say he does look very yummy in these pictures, and he is truly missed by all people who knew him.

Now for the trailer for his last movie I loved it was still weird seeing him on it.

Have a great weekend everyone

Elita xx

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wind Down Time

Hi everyone

I didn't get to write earlier in the week as I would normally do.

Hope everyone is well and that you have had a great week so far. My week as been really good my oldest son's class presented assembly at school and he also received a certificate for his improved writing skills. I am so happy with the way he has progressed this year at school I am so happy I sent him to this school now and not the other one we had in mind. His start to schooling has been great and I too have had great experiencing meeting new friends.

I did a e-course on how to be an Abundant mumma and I will admit I really throught I was mad and I would get nothing out of it......I was so wrong I learnt I need to take moments throughout the day for me could be just 5 min or even the whole day( I will always put my children before anything else that is just be and how I feel about parenting) Link to her site is some of the articles I swear she knew just how I was feeling, have a look at the site and let me know what you think. Now to todays post.

This blog post is not about that it is to find out what everyone like to do during there(let's call it) 'wind down time' as sometime I have to do it when I still have kids around.

I do love nap time in my house, that is my time and for those 2 hours they are just for me nothing in
 the house gets done.....and I mean nothing no cleaning, washing or cooking.

So what do I do during that time I do lots of things really.

Watch TV show that I love and you already know what ones I really love. I could certainly watch Beauty and the Beast all day if I was allowed but my kids have show they would like to watch and that seems to take over my tv, I am one of these people who the tv goes on in the morning and does not turn off until the kids go to bed.....I know very wrong my kids do not watch it all day it is really background noise they know what show they would like to watch they will stop and watch the but then they would go back to playing with lego or outside(which they love) the other tv shows I love and simply must watch are Reign and Arrow. Stephen Amell need I say we do not get these show on Australian tv so I watch online which I know is very naughty but what else an I do to get to see them I would wait months for the box set to come out

So back to wind down time, I read trashy romance novels not so much mills and boons I have moved on from them. I do love a good romantic story with male wooing the female and everything is great forever and after. I am currently reading Melissa foster after I have finished all of Bella Andre books for now and to make that complete a glass of wine never goes to waste...any suggestions are most welcome

I also make cards when I am in a creative mood, cross stitch gets started but seems to never get finished.

So what do you like to do.....would love to hear something different or do you even get wind down time.

Look forward to hearing from you soon

Elita. Xx