Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ideas please?

Hi Everyone

Today I am looking for some advice on what top I should wear with the skirt in the picture.
I need it to be plane friendly as I will be travelling to Melbourne for the day to attend a wedding, now apparently it is a very low key affair, but I would like to be comfortably but dressed appropriately as I will be doing lots of sitting in planes and trains.

I am wearing my knee high black boots for warmth and as you will not see them anyway, I will not need to take another pair of shoes.

So what top would you wear with this skirt(yes like the top in picture, but was trying to hide my mummy tummy so really do not want to tuck in to skirt)

Thank you for the advice in advance, will let you know what I choose.

Look forward to hearing your suggestions.

xx E

Monday, June 8, 2015

Waiting Game

Hi everyone

As I am writing this my favourite TV show BATB is premiering in Canada and I am trying to keep busy until links are available to watch.
If you know me by now you would understand that this show is amazing and I have meet so many other people who love this show and we have become friends and to honest a family really. I know that there is a lot of other people who are just as excited as me and am doing the same just trying to wish the time would hurray up.

Well back to what I was going to write about today and that is me thinking about what will happen when my boys are in full time school...I will be going back to work but I really need to find something that works around the boys school hours and has the school holidays the only thing I have come up with is Teachers aide.....I see what is the point of me working and have to pay for child care all my wages would be going towards that seems pointless to me.

Does that sound selfish and if it does I will be honest and say I do not care.

I worked hard to get my boys I want to be the to see as many achievements as possible at least until they tell me I am embracing them being there.....all children should have there achievements celebrated they deserve that much and to me that is a must in being a good mum/parent.

So if you can think of anymore job suggestions for me I will listen.

Well now that that has filled in sometime......well a little bit and I am still thinking about my favourite show I now only have to wait for an hour until I will be able to watch it.

Seeing as we are on the topic of favourite TV shows do you have any must watch know the ones that you absolutely must can not miss all know what mine is and to be honest it is a great show......have you seen stars Jay Ryan and man he is hot and that voice......okay need to stop now.

But just in are you have not seen it, will put up the YouTube pronto for this season.

Have a great day(public holiday here)

PS....I have now seen the episode and I am still not sure what I think about it, may need to watch again with husband before I have a view on it.