Monday, September 29, 2014

Bit of everything today

Hi Everyone

Hope your weekend was good, mine was great.

Well for today's post it is a bit of everything, I am feeling so proud of myself and I will explain that later.

So let begin at the weekend so this weekend was the AFL Grand final here in Australia and my husbands team was playing so I can tell you that our tv was on from 9 am and was not turned off until after 8pm that night. We had a few drinks and sat back to enjoy the day (anyone in America to us in Australia it would be the same as your super bowl weekend) it really was a one sided game in the end with the Hawthorn hawks wining.....back to back premierships. So one very happy husband and he was like that all weekend. got lots of job done off the to do list as he was so happy he just did them.

I did lots of baking yesterday. cooked brownies, pizza for tea and rolls. it was a busy day in my kitchen but so much fun, lots of mess and flour on tops, floor and carpet. Will remember the day for the fun we had.

Today is the start of school holidays here and lets just say my children are all over the emotional scale. one minute happy one minute fighting and very loud. My 5 yr old need to be entertained so I have made a jar with different things to do in it to keep him entertained seems to be working so far. My 2 yr old is loving having his big brother home but that also means he has to share and try not to annoy his brother which I can say he is loving doing to him.

We are going to do a planner after rest/sleep time so we know what we are doing and so my 5 yr old know when we are going out or staying home. Also so this mum can see when she needs money and when she doesn't as I have found school holidays can be expensive if I let it be.

So to my proud moment today. better tell you back story first. my son's ipad was still running ios 6 ( I know who is still running that, needed to delete games and did not have the heart to do that too them) so today I thought I could update via the computer would not take ups so many MB's so I deleted a few things not that my son's know yet. And like you do I googled how to do it.

As I was hooking the ipad up I was hoping it would work and thinking please do not lose all the games or I think I would have very upset children to deal with. my first hurdle was the fact was the ipad was not charging but syncing fine so after googling that we moved on to the next step.

So after an hour and a half finally the ipad is updated with the lastest ios 8 and my boys is happy as he can finally watch iview as it was not working mum fixed it and now I have one happy boy the things we do for our children......very proud mummy and a HUGE Thank you to google.....I know I would be lost doing something like that without it.

Off to open a few parcels that came for me today. one with scrapbooking cards in getting parcels...... in fact if anyone is interested in joining me I have joined up for the Fat Mum Slim gift exchange. Here is the link: if you want to join me I think it is a fantastic idea to brighten someone's Christmas up. So who is joining me would love to know.

Hope you all have a great day and school holidays to everyone in Tasmania.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Eye Candy

Hi everyone

Quick post today, off to the zoo with my boys and playgroup so I am typing and running around doing everything that I need to get ready.

On to this hottie

This week it is:

Yes Mr Thor.......Chris Hemsworth. Another aussie bloke.

well may just have to look at this picture for a while......ahhhh so hot and the snail trail.....ahhh
must keep moving have stuff to do. few more looks will not hurt.

He is home to watch footy, send time with family and to support child protection.

I will be joining this great campaign you can find all details at

Have a great day to the zoo now

Elita xxx

Monday, September 22, 2014

Friendship part 2


Hope your weekend was good, I had 2 sick children so not fun for me but hopefully on mend now.

So today I lost a friend or she may not have been quite a friend yet....I really do not know.

So why am I feeling terrible about it.

Let me tell you a little about the friend I like to be. I am a straight shooter.....yes I am probably the person you hate or dislike. I do not mess around I talk openly and honestly and that is the way I like to spoken to in return.

I am my mother daughter I do not much around. Sometime I think it is a great thing and other times I wish I could hold back but it is not I my nature to do that......I guess I leant from a very young age that you need to be honest....maybe being an only child and having no children to chat too just adults did this I am not sure.

To be honest I really did not know her very well and what I understand she can change her mind every day with what she want to do.

Now I am going to let you in a secret when I was in high school I was bullied not at school but on the way home on the bus. I would always sit with a least I throughout she was a friend but I leant quickly maybe she was not.

Anyway back to being bullied. I would leave my bag under the chair and the girl would would bully me would pull my bag from under the chair and spit in my lunch box or down the side of my bag anywhere she thought I would put my hand. Is was horrible and I did not say a word I just sat there and took it....even my friend did not say anything.....and now thinking back to that now I guess she was worried it might happen to her so she keep quiet.

At night I cried and tried to clean my bag out before my mum saw it. In the end I moved to the front of the bus so she could not do it anymore.....but of course I felt alone and did not know what else to do....still make me cry today thinking about it.

I know how could a person like me be bullied but it show it can happen to anyone.....maybe that is why I now seem to be honest and a straight talker now. I really do not know.

So maybe I drove her away with my honesty, I will never know because she will not let anyone in or let anyone know how she is feeling.....

Ok enough of me going on about it....can not do anything now.i have a great bestie who is an amazing person and is a sister I never had. So I would do anything for her. So thank you and you know who you are.

Have a great week, back to my e-course now.



Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Eye Candy

Hi Everyone

Well it has been a quiet week for this week for me, I have been doing my Abundant mum program and I say I have leant quite a few things about myself and the way I interact with husband and children.(abundantmama.)

I am loving all the support I am getting from fellow participates. Now on to this weeks Eye Candy (would love some more suggestions)

None other then Mr Ryan Gosling. Star of The Notebook.....tell me if you have not seen it because you should best movie ever. And new father this week of a baby girl.
Enjoy your weekend everyone

Monday, September 15, 2014

Time for me

Hi everyone

Hope your weekend was good.

This week I have started a couple of new things that are just for me.

Do not get me wrong. I am so grateful for my husband and children but when someone asked me my dreams the other week I could not tell them anything. I have a bucket list which I am starting to cross things off of you all know that I have a post written about it. I spent the next few days thinking about a dream and come up with I thought maybe it was time to find me the women behind 3 children(yes I include hubby in that too)

I love my children to the moon and back and so much more, but somewhere in trying to be a good mum and wife, looking after my children.......I think I lost me the women. I find myself getting grumpy quickly and have a very short fuse for things that should not brother me.

So for the next month this is what I am doing to find me again, the fun me.

I am planning on becoming an Abundant mama. I came across this website by accident one day and I read some of her blog post and I found myself nodding with them....then I noticed she ran an e-course so I read what she is cover and I will admit I sat on the decision for over 2 weeks which is not like me at all......mummy guilt about wether I should spend it on me or am I just being silly.

I thought what harm can it do and so I went for it. So if I am not here much I am finding me the fun mumma I want to be again. My children deserve that after all it will not be long before they will not want me around on the weekend.....but that is a whole different post.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Feel free to leave comment.

Have a great Monday.

Elita xx

Friday, September 12, 2014

Weekly Eye Candy


Must be Friday TGIF.

So straight on to todays eye candy to help your Friday pass that little bit quicker.

So tell me who has not wanted to run their hands down this stomach.

Well do I need to introduce him....okay I will for those who may have head under a rock this is Channing Tatum so may have seen him in She's the Man, Magic Mike(will say looking forward Magic Mike 2) These are a fine set of yummy but I still prefer the Beast from BATB but I am little obsessed with that some of you know.

Now for the suit picture, I love a man in a suit so will be always adding a picture of the boys in a suit.

So are we happy with todays Eye candy....maybe I might add one more thing for you

Please enjoy on this Friday.

Have a great weekend....I am off on a Friday drive to the country.

Elita xx


Thursday, September 11, 2014

OMG why did i not try this earlier?

Hi Everyone

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Short quick post today.

I have found the best way to do a bun works on short and longer hair now tell me who does not have a sock at home with holes in toes. Chop the toes off and make a sock bun so easy. will put tutorial up so you can see how to do it so amazing and easy to do.

Here is the tutorial so easy and looks great.

I also learnt today that marshmallows will help a sore throat(not sure how but my husband tried this one out and said that it worked suggested by doctor to him)

So this there anything that you have tried that has made your life easier or any tips you would like to share.....Please feel free to share them. I am always looking for new tips and short cuts to try.

Look forward to hearing from you soon

Elita xx

Monday, September 8, 2014

What is it with Men sometimes......


Hope everyone had a great weekend, mine was the same old, I did go to a great linen party on Saturday so that was nice to get out of the house kids free for a little while at least.

Well today I am talking about Males in particular Mechanics.AHHHHH

I took my car to the mechanics this morning after I was told that my normal mechanic could not fix the problem as he had never change one on my little I had to take it to the proper Proton mechanic to I call up and was told the part I need would have to be freighted in from Melbourne so that was ok and everything so I would have to wait to get my car fix but it was still drivable so away I went everyday until today.

Was told to drop it in a 8am so the whole family had to be out the door by 7:30am we got in there before 8 and then 8am came and went 15 minutes later the mechanic decides to show up, up until them the gate was locked and bolted.

When I pass the keys over to him he look at me like I am crazy and ask "dropping off" I told him "yes was told to drop off at 8am and now my husband is late for work" my answer was " I had to do a school drop off so that is why I am late" explained that need the car back my 2pm so I could do the school pick up. I get "you know what's wrong with it" I tell him that it,is a leak at the back of water pump whether it is water pump not hose not sure. "call me if problem" I leave the car with him and am thinking great he does not know what he is doing.

Then he tell me that he may not have it ready and that he would call my husband when ready.....WTF.........I just said to call me and that I need it for a school run. Because I am a women do I look silly. I seem to get this once a week where men think women are silly the other day it was an elderly gentleman who push in front of me when I had the pram and I knock his heel I said sorry but all I got was young mums of today just pushing out babies to get money......then he looked down and saw my wedding band and just suddenly stopped what he was saying.

Well that is my vent.....might just ring the mechanic and see how he is going with it. Wish me luck.

Does anyone else seem to cope this sometimes or if you have a whinge you would like to have about Males in general, would love to hear it today. Vent away.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Elita xx

Friday, September 5, 2014

Weekly Eye Candy

Must be Friday again so let get straight in to it

So this weeks eye candy is:

Mr Stephen Amell none other then CW's Arrow. That towel looks like it need to go.
nothing like a man in a suit that is a must and he pulls it off very well.

And for all the mums. A man spending time with his daughter is perfect to me and he love to do things with her he quite often dresses her up and take her to major sporting events to support their team.

 Have a great weekend everyone

Elita xx

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nap/Rest Time: What do you do?

Okay so lets chat about what you do during Nap/rest time

I so LOVE nap/rest time the 2 hours I get is wonderful and I need them not only for my sanity but I think it is the only time I get to be by myself and to do anything I want and not be interrupted.

I am one of those mums who has always had a routine and my first son loved it her know what was happening and when it was going to happen. I am flexible but I would make appointments around nap/rest time even when they were babies. I spent time in the mother baby unit and learnt fairly quickly that a baby will sleep better in the same environment.....and that to me was bed.

When I only had one child and we dropped to 3 sleeps a day at 6 months I did let him sleep in the pram a few days a week as I enjoyed the walk out to my hubby and I only did that a couple of times a I found if you changed routine too much it took a few days to get back into it again.

My first son was in a single bed from 2 yr old and have never had any trouble with him coming out numerous times at night.

So when my second boy came along I found a routine worked very well with him too....I used the things I had been taught in the MBU like a newborn should only be up 1 hr before they need sleep that included feeding time....this helped to avoid overtired and I learnt very quickly an overtired baby is hard to settle and feed.

Both my boys love routine and I am so happy about that....we all do the same thing every morning as adults so why not help our children too

So will stop ranting now.

When my boys are napping or resting........yes I am one of those mums my 5 yr old still goes to his room and has a rest he will play the ipad or read, it need to be quiet and stay in his room until 2pm then he come outs

While my boys are napping and resting I am catching up on tv shows I love which means Beauty and the Beast, Arrow and Reign (all CW shows too) or I am chatting to a friend on Facebook, I eat bad food normally and enjoy a hot drink, read a book, write/read a blog(like I am doing today)  It is time for me time for my brain to switch off and not have to think about answering any questions or watching what I say. I do not do any housework...that has always been my rule and I try to encourage my friends who have children to do this need to sit and breath sometimes.

The silence to be me is great, sometime I even can sneak an extra 20 min on to nap/rest time but lately since my 5 yr old can tell the time he come out right on 2pm and we are back to it again.

What do you do during nap/rest time, do you have a sleep too or it that your house keeping time?

Let me know.......I love hearing what everyone else does

Have a great rest time....what I have left anyway 

Elita xxx

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Me Time


Hope everyone's weekend was good. I had an ok one stayed at home with family which was good but this is what I usual do so nothing different here.

So today lets talk about Me time(so time just for you) as a mum do you get any?, As a wife/partner do you get any?

I will admit I miss Me Time, I love my children to bits but I do miss sometimes just sitting down with a friend for a huge catch up or just jumping in the car and going somewhere without have to thing about nap or bedtime.

I will always put my children first and that is the way it should be to me. when I think about where I come on the list......."thinking"......yeah that's me at the bottom.(kids, hubby ,me) not sure if that is silly or not but I think that is the way I feel and always have.


So if you could have anytime (for you left in the day) what would you do with it? What do you enjoy doing when you get some time just for you?

I love to read(trashy romantic novels), I enjoy card making(not good at it, but worth a try), a nice glass of wine and if I have the opportunity I love a beauty treatment(even if now I tint my own eyelashes at home) a good meal with friends who understand you is always great too.

To make myself sound silly. I also think it is important to have time for you so you can come back refreshed and for some reason you feel happier too(well I know I do). Do I sound unreasonable my hubby goes to work all day so he gets a break from the children and I am there 24 hrs a day. Just once a week an hour to myself would be great.....I am happy for it to be broke down in to 30 min lots if that is easier. "It takes a village to raise a family" love this quote and I first heard it when I was in the mother baby unit with my first. I now make a point to be there for my friends with new babies particularly under 12 weeks old as I remember it was hard and all such a blur. I do not have a mum I can drop my children off too or even just flake it on her couch for a quick cuppa (my mum passed away nearly 10 yrs ago, and I miss her, everyday)... I think because my youngest son is going through the terrible 2 I am feel this loss of me time. and when I do take some me time I feel so guilty for it......Does anyone else feel like this?

So lets make a plan to do something for ourselves this week, write it in the diary or on the calendar. I need to start looking after me too and must keep this quote close by.

Have a great day everyone

Elita xxx

P.S Found this article the morning that seems right for this post. anyone else nodding their head to it.