Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ideas please?

Hi Everyone

Today I am looking for some advice on what top I should wear with the skirt in the picture.
I need it to be plane friendly as I will be travelling to Melbourne for the day to attend a wedding, now apparently it is a very low key affair, but I would like to be comfortably but dressed appropriately as I will be doing lots of sitting in planes and trains.

I am wearing my knee high black boots for warmth and as you will not see them anyway, I will not need to take another pair of shoes.

So what top would you wear with this skirt(yes like the top in picture, but was trying to hide my mummy tummy so really do not want to tuck in to skirt)

Thank you for the advice in advance, will let you know what I choose.

Look forward to hearing your suggestions.

xx E

1 comment:

  1. It is a beautiful skirt. It's a hard one though, because I am definitely no fashion expert. For me a more fitted top with a nice flowing jacket would look good. The skirt is quite full so I imagine something more fitted on top would be more complimentary.