Thursday, March 5, 2015

I am a Hopeless Romantic

Well it has been a while since I wrote anything and to be honest with not a lot of feedback happening or anything.....I am not sure I wanted to write anything. This is the raw me and very raw it may be.

Maybe I am writing just to make myself feel better I don't really know, so if I rant and vent a bit then please feel free to tell me where to go.....I am so sick of trying to make sure everyone else is okay I have forgotten about ME. This me to a tea today....I AM.......

We have just entered in to Autumn here in Tassie and with the sudden weather change I have both boys sick and me with hayfever. So this mumma is tired and really not feeling like herself at all and personally I hate feeling this way.

So my coping when I feel like this is to
  • Dancing.
  • Singing very loud and badly.
  • Reading romance novels.
  • Lots of cuddles from my boys when they do not cough or vomit on me.....(told you long week)

 Dancing what can I say, love it I used to do as a teenage and sometime I wonder why I gave it up and there are day I regret it so much....and I know it is excuse but I have kids and I put there needs before mine and I will always do that..... boys always tell me I sing too much and to loud but I am not going to stop it calms me down and make me feel human again sometimes.

Reading romance novels......this I will admit is my favourite thing to do(for me) nothing like jumping in to bed when the kids are asleep and read a really good romantic story....that you can jump in to and just imagine you in the boyfriend. Will also say I miss the romantic beginnings of a relationship(you know the hugs and hand holding and the little gestures that go with it) after being together for 19 years I know they will not be the same....sometimes they are there really small amounts but you know what I mean......or is it just me.

Last but not least: Cuddles from my boys: there is nothing like your children's arms around your neck,leg or any other part they can get hands around. Nothing like hearing them tell you they love you, and you will always be there first matter how big they get they will always be your babies. I want to raise my boys to treat girls/ladies/women with respect and old time manners eg opening doors both on buildings and cars, pulling chairs out and picking them up at door not just beeping the horn.

Well that is my rant/vent for this week anyway. Back to dancing and singing loudly and cleaning up yucky noses and other things.

Bye for now.

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  1. Elita hun, you should dance like no one is watching and sing like no one can hear you. Sing at the top of your lungs and when you dance, get down and get dirty.

    I know it's hard when you write and you don't get feedback, but... write because you want to and don't worry about whether people are reading your words or not. For me, writing soothes my soul and grounds me so I can go forth and be productive. Enjoy the words roaming around your head and put pen to paper so to speak, don't worry about the responses, they will come, don't worry. Personally I love your blog. Not being a mother myself, I get an insight to what it may be like through you. So thanks hun xoxoxo