Monday, February 16, 2015

Brain fart and review on FSOG

I know it has been a while since I wrote not much has been happening really.
I have spent the time since I last wrote getting my boy ready for prep so have been busy and also just trying to be a good friend and wife.

This post has a strange name because I have some much circling in my brain I need to get it out and not sure if this will make a lot of sense.

So lets start with the fact my boys is in he is getting big so quickly. the introduction to his new prep teacher has not be great but I am trying to go with the flow, but will tell you that for the past week everyday she has told me my son has a problem. first it was the fact he was ambidextrous which is great, next it was a speech problem(which by the way is fine, he often has members of public say to me how well he speaks) and then it was he is not crossing over the centre line which is due to his she would like to send him to maybe get some help in that(none of this was picked up in Kindergarten).....I will wait and see what I get on pick up today.

I have also been walking daily and keeping up with my exercise which I love, my little man and myself are enjoying the fresh air daily and we love feeding the ducks every morning, I am taking time out for me and it has made a me a happier person which is great for my hubby.....the kids are still testing my mind but the wine helps with that......well small glass is not going to hurt.

 So my week last week started great and went down hill very quickly....but then I remembered I was off to see Fifty Shades of Grey(FSOG) and my excitement level went up, I know people hate this book as they think it is about abuse and other things but these are generally people who have not read all the book....yes the 3 of them.....the writing is not brilliant but to get the whole picture you need to read all the them. Then feel free to judge the books and movie. Well my review of the movie is below so you can read it for yourself.(insert a picture of stars and director just because I love it)

FSOG review

Well what can I say about it........loved it.It was everything I thought it would be. Jamie and Dakota are prefect for the roles of Christian and Ana. If someone tells me they had no chemistry then not sure what they are watching...whoo hot stuff with them. The only thing that was wrong is it felt rushed a bit ( which you get with a lot of book/movie things) 20 for min would have been great....the ending was wow that's it...... Can not wait for the dvd and then FSOG Darker.....but if anyone want to see it I put my hand up to go again and again.

My favourite tv show Beauty and the Beast(BATB) has be renewed for a 4th season and we get season 3 starting on may so excited for that....

Well that is all that is going through my brain lately, off to put my little man down for naptime and so me time watching.......not sure yet.

Have a great week, until next time.


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