Thursday, May 14, 2015

Book Nerd......ME

Hi everyone

As I sit here in front of my nice cosy fire watching Play school with my youngest boy on the couch I thought I would write a quick blog post.

I am just enjoying a nice quiet moment today with my little man, he has a cold and so do I which I need to get over before next week as I am off for Day surgery next Wednesday, nothing major just a a very small operation so I hope I will be out by school pick up.

Well back to what I was going to write about. You all know I am a hopeless romantic I have told you about my book boyfriends before.

That has not changed I am really loving the downtime of a nice to escape to my book boyfriends after a full day with my 2 boys. One of them turns 3 in a 16 days then the fun starts with toilet training and everything like that. Think my body needs to just escape and relax and just jump right in to a different world where the boys gets the girl and he pours his heart out....maybe that is something I want to teach my boys to never be afraid of tell someone how you feel.....I have no idea. I muddle through each day and no idea what I am doing most of the time....oh well....see off the topic again.

My escape generally is romantic book with lots of strong men and heroes generally boy saves girl and does the courting of her.....I really am a hopeless romantic......

I am currently reading the 'Men of honour' series by KC Lynn this series was recommended to me by one of my Beastie friends and I love it, so easy to read and I am currently on the third book and this one has slowed me down as I need my tissues nearly every chapter, hubby thinks I have lost the plot.

I also love Bella Andre and Melissa Foster they have some great series very easy to read and pick up put down which is what this mummy needs, as for for some reason I get interrupted heaps.

So what do you like to read?

While I am writing I throughly I would also mention that lately I am getting a lot of questions from people asking me what I will be trying to have a girl, particularly when I say we have 2 boys...why do people ask that I have 2 children that is enough for me. Yes the thought of me not picking our graduation dresses,wedding dresses or holding their hand while they give birth does make me sad, but I found an article lately that I love. So here it is and for all mums of just boys I understand how you may feel sometimes.

Mother of only boys.

So until next time

Thank you for reading my rant.


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  1. You have me on both counts, Elita! I am also a hopeless romantic bookworm and a mother of 2 boys. I have been engrossed in sci fi fantasy and steampunk fiction of late. Sounds a bit weird but each story has a strong, feisty and capable female protagonist who gets the tall, handsome but slightly damaged and vulnerable hero on the strength of her personality and abilities more than her looks! Sound familiar? The author is Lindsay Buroker and while all of the books I have read so far are great, I really like the Emperor's Edge series the best, closely followed by the Dragon Blood series and then Flash Gold. All available as e books from Amazon, itunes etc.
    As a mother of boys, I must admit after the first one, I was hoping to have a girl. Not so much for myself but because my mother desperately wanted a granddaughter. She had beena little disappointed when my first was a boy. Harsh, you may think but when my brother was very young he had a little girl but she became a victim of SIDS at three months. It took me a little while to understand mum's disappointment and occasionally I miss doing the girly things but I wouldn't change my sweet boys for anything. They may be "noise with dirt on it" but when they demand hugs and tell me I am the best Mummy ever, I just melt and am grateful that they are happy and healthy.