Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What does this mumma want to be?

Hi Everyone

Sorry it has been a while have had hubby home for a few weeks from work so bit hard to write with him looking over my shoulder, we have been away as a family, and also my master 2 has not been mumma reached a breaking point and needed to step back a bit.

This post may be long or short depending on how much I waffle on.

Lately while I have been away I have done a bit of thinking...what mother does not do that most of the time....this thinking has been about ME and what I would like to do when my boys are both at school.

It started when a friend asked me what I wanted to do when the boys went to school and to be honest with master 2 not sleeping at night I could not see past the next night....but when I sat down with coffee in hand and actually thought about it I came up very blank.....I had nothing....what is my dream.....I am trying to teach my boys to always dream and follow them......but their mum was not or did not have any dreams of her what a great teacher/mum was I.

My dream was to have children (as I had cancer I did not think I would get that) so now I have my wonderful amazing children what now for my dreams......I have no idea where to start.

So here I am sitting writing a list of what I would like to do when I no longer have my children at home with me all day. I have decided I would like to do a job that is school hours so I can still be there with my children during school holidays(they grow up so quick, I do not want to miss that selfish of me?)

I used to work in child care before the children came along I was thinking I would like to go back in to something in relation to watching children grow and develop, there is nothing like seeing faces when they finally get is wonderful.

I have the perfect job idea. I want to do Teachers Aide. Now where to start with that I have no idea, have looked at courses to get my certificate 3 in Education support but they are all to expensive for this stay at home I might need to think a bit more. Any suggestions?

Well while I think I better get back to folding the washing.

Have a great day

Elita xxx

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