Monday, October 6, 2014

Do you raise your voice?

Hi everyone

Quick blog post today as it is school holidays and I am trying to be there for my kids and not on the computer or ipad too much, so we can enjoy the holidays. This morning we went for a great bush walk as my 5 yr old wanted to do that when the holidays started so that is what I am doing just trying to spend as much time with my children before they do not want to spend time with me.

Now I also need to confess as you all know I am doing an e-course on becoming a more abundant mumma and I will say I am loving this course, it has made me really think about a lot of thing and the way I parent my children.

I will admit I was one of those mums who would yell when the children do something wrong and I know it never worked to yell but I did it anyway, there are time I would talk to them and get down at there level but then they would go and do the the same thing over again, which frustrated me ALOT.

I decided I need to do something about it when my master 5 yelled back at me one day 'I hate you, you always yell at me' I nearly cried the and then but I did wait until I was out of range or they were asleep and I did I cried like a could I let it get to that point, I felt so ashamed.

So I decided I would stop doing it and I found it hard until I found my e-course and yes there are days  when I sometimes raise my voice but not in the way I did before.

My boys seem so much happier now and my hubby helps with the kids a lot more, my 5yr old now tells me I am fun sometimes which is great to hear from him,so I must be doing something right.

Well below I have a link to some idea to help if you are interested back to my e-course need to do today's lesson as I have been away all morning.

Hope you are all having a great Monday.

Elita xxx

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