Tuesday, January 27, 2015

ME time and FSOG

Hi Everyone

It has been 2 weeks since my last post and I am not sure what that is maybe because I have kids still on school holidays here and I have been spending time with them...or maybe I did not think I had anything interesting to say to you.....

Remember one of my goals for this year was to do something just for me once a month, take better care of me.....that way I can take care of my boys and be happier too.....so the month of February I am.........

Well first of all I am going to warn you about this post some people will like it some people will hate it and not want to read it but oh well I am still happy to hear negative thoughts on it.

I will admit in the last week I have become obsessed with FSOG (Fifty Shades Of Grey) yes the book and the movie due out in 17 days(yes on countdown here) I love it and when I need a pick me up I will watch a tv spot(30second) and then I am back to happy me. I really do not know why

So confess who has read the books? Did you make it through all 3 or did you stop and never went back.

When I first saw who was playing Christian and Anastasia I was not impressed and I through I will just wait until it come out on DVD to see it. But after watching Jamie in OUAT (Once upon a time season 1 episodes 1-7) I thought he would be good, then the trailers came out and I went okay but the more I watched the trailers the more I want to see, he has the looks and the smothering eyes to  match what I through Christian would be like.

Now I can not stop watching the trailers and tv spots, have seen heaps of interviews where they talk about the film and other things. I have my tickets to gold class to see it, if anyone wants to join me(taking hubby as well) then that fine the more the merrier.

It has been a while since I have felt this excited about something and I think this is great......might be a bit obsessed but I say whatever make me look forward to something as a mum then I am happy.

I will go on the defence of the books and say yes the writing is not at good but I loved it, and there are people out there who say it is 'mummy porn' well it might be but when I read all 3 of the books I soon realise that Anastasia did not have to do any of the things she did she was in control of the situation, she also helped Christian to see what he really needed and that people do not abandon you when you need them the most. Anastasia showed Christian very early on that he was special and she was not going to take crap from him. If I can teach one thing to my children it would be empathy and assertiveness which is what I see when I read these books. Some people might see something else......what do you think of them?  

Will include a trailer and one of my favourite tv spots for you to check out.....please let me know what you think?

International Trailer

One of the tv spots...............so hard to choose one

So let me know what you think of all of this hype.....me personally so excited.

Later  xxx

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