Monday, November 24, 2014

Family Traditions

Hi Everyone

Has been a while since I wrote but that is because I have been sick and really I am not getting the support I thought I feel a little let down/disappointed....but that is just me.(moving on)

Anyway leading up to this festive season (ahead) I am writing about any family traditions you may have and if you are introducing any or new ones this year does not have to be about Christmas just things you do together.

I am writing this while feeding lunch to master 2 before nap time and I can not wait for the brownies that are currently cooking to be ready.....I need a brownie coma today.

So back to traditions that you do.

We have started to do Pizza Friday here....we make the pizza base(very simple dough)
and then adding whatever we find in fridge or far it has been great. the boys are loving choosing what goes on the pizza and they are loving the base too.......I am hoping I can keep this going well in to the boys growing up and even if I am feeding a small army of friends if they are home before going out this will make me so happy...... I like to dream anyway.

Last year for Christmas we introduced an Elf on the shelf (JT Vincent) the boys loved him.....they would jump out of bed every morning to see where JT would appear. Will admit we loved to make him do naughty things as well as special things......we had just as much fun as the kids. If you do not know about the Elf on the shelf he arrives on the December 1st and every night he reports back to santa about the kids behaviour and then reappears in a different spot each morning.....sometime he get up to bad things.....example of our elf below. This will continue for a few years yet.

I also want to add that this year has just flew by my Master 5 will soon be at school 5 days and week not just 3 days and he loves school which I am so happy just got to stop the attitude and we will be right.

I am hoping to start another tradition next year that does not involve my family but my friends that we go and have lunch at least once a month.....we get so busy as mums.....we need to slow down and have that time just for us.....only need to be 2 hours......but that is my time(not going to feel guilty for it) I am even going to write it in my diary so it becomes an appointment just for if you would like to join me let me know.

So what traditions do you have or are you starting some this year....would love to hear them. 

Have a great Monday.....I am going back to my brownie coma now.....ahhhh

Elita xxxx

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  1. Hi Elita, I can't think of any worthwhile traditions to share with you at the moment, but I love yours - both the pizza (which i may borrow from you) & the elf! Both sound great & your elf & tree look wonderful! ��
    Sorry to hear you're not well & that you're not getting the support you deserve hun �� hope things improve very soon! xo
    Good luck with your lunches - that's a very good idea & if I was in the same state as you, I'd be trying to join you! ���� xo