Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wind Down Time

Hi everyone

I didn't get to write earlier in the week as I would normally do.

Hope everyone is well and that you have had a great week so far. My week as been really good my oldest son's class presented assembly at school and he also received a certificate for his improved writing skills. I am so happy with the way he has progressed this year at school I am so happy I sent him to this school now and not the other one we had in mind. His start to schooling has been great and I too have had great experiencing meeting new friends.

I did a e-course on how to be an Abundant mumma and I will admit I really throught I was mad and I would get nothing out of it......I was so wrong I learnt I need to take moments throughout the day for me could be just 5 min or even the whole day( I will always put my children before anything else that is just be and how I feel about parenting) Link to her site is some of the articles I swear she knew just how I was feeling, have a look at the site and let me know what you think. Now to todays post.

This blog post is not about that it is to find out what everyone like to do during there(let's call it) 'wind down time' as sometime I have to do it when I still have kids around.

I do love nap time in my house, that is my time and for those 2 hours they are just for me nothing in
 the house gets done.....and I mean nothing no cleaning, washing or cooking.

So what do I do during that time I do lots of things really.

Watch TV show that I love and you already know what ones I really love. I could certainly watch Beauty and the Beast all day if I was allowed but my kids have show they would like to watch and that seems to take over my tv, I am one of these people who the tv goes on in the morning and does not turn off until the kids go to bed.....I know very wrong my kids do not watch it all day it is really background noise they know what show they would like to watch they will stop and watch the but then they would go back to playing with lego or outside(which they love) the other tv shows I love and simply must watch are Reign and Arrow. Stephen Amell need I say we do not get these show on Australian tv so I watch online which I know is very naughty but what else an I do to get to see them I would wait months for the box set to come out

So back to wind down time, I read trashy romance novels not so much mills and boons I have moved on from them. I do love a good romantic story with male wooing the female and everything is great forever and after. I am currently reading Melissa foster after I have finished all of Bella Andre books for now and to make that complete a glass of wine never goes to waste...any suggestions are most welcome

I also make cards when I am in a creative mood, cross stitch gets started but seems to never get finished.

So what do you like to do.....would love to hear something different or do you even get wind down time.

Look forward to hearing from you soon

Elita. Xx

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  1. Hi hun, I don't get much opportunity for down time as such, but when I do get the chance, I love to watch BatB, or play around with photo fanart for the show - not the stuff I make for the trends I run, as they are made under pressure. I also love walking/jogging on my treadmill ( when I don't start to late at night) whilst watching BatB YT videos or reading fanfic.