Monday, January 5, 2015

Goals for 2015....What are yours?

So here it is my first blog post for 2015.

I really was not sure if I was going to write anymore posts as I was not getting any real feedback, but I decided to continue this as it is a way I can document things that happen even if it is just for my boys to read later in life or something for me to look back on.

So 2015 I am hoping/planning will be a great year and a year that I also look after me as well as my boys.

This year I plan and hoping to achieve:

  • Some regular girly time (which I am starting this weekend)
  • Look at studying (certificate 3 in education support)
  • One on one time with my children (mummy son dates)
  • Some more exercise
  • De-clutter my house (may be dreaming with this one)

Don't get me wrong I will always put my children before my own needs but I am going to give it a shot to do both, my boys are older enough now that I can leave them and they know I will come back. And I find when I get even a few hours away from them I find the tolerance level is much better and I get a thousand questions about what I did or have been when I return.

I also need to take some time and spend one on one with my boys...they are growing up so fast. I have a boy who is in prep this year and to be honest I can not believe 5 days a week ...WOW....that also means I need to do the school runs 5 days and week and would it be weird to say I am looking forward to it....I love how he seems to love telling me what happened at school and how excited he is to see me....and I am hoping that will never change.....but deep down I know it I guess I am enjoying it while I can. The other thing is I am a member of an amazing playgroup or Launch into Learning program with my other son....we are like a family and it is truly wonderful.

I am scared to go back in to study I have not studied in so long and not sure I even remember how to anymore and I know that sounds silly, sometime I am in two frames of mind whether I can do it or not and I do not even know if I would get a job at the end of it....but if I can find the course that will fit in with my family then I would give it a go, also the right price(which I found to be so expensive online and I probably need to do that for now as classroom setting would not suit the family)

Well that was bigger then I thought it would be for the start of 2015. Let me know if you have any goals for 2015 maybe we can help each other achieve some of them. Mumma's need to help each other. Have a great week

Chat soon.



  1. I have thought often of returning back to school too and for the same reasons as you have noted (time, can I do it, money, will I be able to find work) I have backed away - hmm, maybe when I retire (which although far enough way yet, is still a lot closer than I care to think about). :P Children do grow fast - hold tight to your sons while you still can - they'll be grown and out of the house before ya know it ;) ttfn

  2. I love reading your blog. You give me alot to reflect upon, I think alot of us stay home mum get catch up with running around after little people it is easy to put ourselves last, looking forward to following your journey :)

  3. Elita, it's great you continued with your blog, like you said even if it's only for your boys and I think it's great for yourself. I'm not a mom myself (I would've loved it) but fortunately I have to nephews for which I can be a sugar auntie :) I totally understand your boys are the most important but you need some time for yourself too. Take care!

  4. Hi, Elita! So glad to see that you are continuing your blog. You write from the heart and you do it so well. I love how you are trying to balance your "me time" with your family time. That's very important for you to be happy and feel fulfilled. I think it's wonderful for you to be considering taking courses! The world is your oyster, my dearie. xxoo

  5. Sometimes people read things without leaving messages hun. But my advice, don't write to be followed. Write to free your spirit. If it makes you feel good, it doesn't matter what others think :)