Monday, August 11, 2014

Long road to motherhood

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Well this the post that I thought I should write now. The long road to children.

My first pregnancy was not the best experience I have had and not sure where to start to tell you about it, so may just start at the start and tell you this is not something I wish on anyone so if there is too much information I am sorry.

I have PCOS and so it was hard to conceive a baby to start with so after a trip to GP and being told that I was ok and that I need to relax we tried for over 6 months and I still felt that something else was wrong so back to GP and tell him I want to see a specialist finally I have my referral and off I go to see my fertility specialist.

First visit was told I need fertility drugs or IVF to conceive will admit I learnt to trust what he said very quicky. So off I went with my prescription for Clomid and the instructions to follow. I went back to see him at day 14 of my cycle to have an internal ultrasound which I would have every month for the next 5 months until I feel pregnant on the last round of Clomid .

After this round the fun started had a lot of morning sickness more then what I should be doing, I worked throughout all of this and I meet a wonderful OBGYN who would take car of me for many years to come.

At my 12 week scan(which I went alone too) the operator left the room suddenly and I got worried the next thing I know a Dr. has come in and asked me when I see my obgyn again I tell them a months time and they then phone her to see me straight away, as luck would have it she was in the hospital so saw her and then she told me I had what they call a Molar Pregnancy (I went white and was scared by now) it was the very rare kind you could have (An extremely rare version of a partial mole is when twins are conceived but one embryo begins to develop normally while the other is a mole. In these cases, the healthy embryo will very quickly be consumed by the abnormal growth)

In the next 2 weeks after being told that I was rushed to Melbourne to confirm this is what it was and on the ultrasound screen I saw a happy healthy fetus growing......but that was to change.

2 days later I was having surgery to basically save my life and the life of my uterus(my baby had to be aborted to save me) on the operation table I had a thyroid storm which is a result of my molar pregnancy.I NEARLY DIED. and then being told you might need chemotherapy to make sure there is no cells left was hard to hear.

I spend a month in hospital the dr amazed at my recovery and determination. I was spent home at this stage healthy and ready to try again, but nothing goes smoothly and I am rushed back in to hospital again 2 weeks later with a massive bleed and vomiting.

I was to have chemotherapy so I add another dr to my many I have now. He is fantastic, so now every 2 weeks I am having chemotherapy (hospital on Friday afternoon, home on Saturday morning and trying to work on Monday) the only thing that I could do was sit and paint my nails being hooked up to a iv pump, after 3 rounds (6 weeks in total) I was told my numbers were good and that I did not need anymore, my hair thinned out which made me cry.....but the biggest shock was still to come.

1 month after chemo had finished my dr and Obgyn told me that when I had that massive bleed and vomit my body was getting rid of what it need to I may not have need chemo in the first place.

So now have a 12 month wait to be able to try to have a baby while having monthly blood draws my veins run now when they see a needle.

With the help of my obgyn I made it to 9 month and was told I could try again under very close supervision.

So that is the road next time my pregnancies.


  1. I am so proud of you dear Elita, you are an amazingly strong woman & a beautiful mum to two gorgeous little guys, you are an inspiration :) xx

  2. I am so glad to know that you succeeded in having your boys. I would have been too upset by your story, thinking that you ay not be able to have kids at all. A friend of my mother had a molar pregnancy too and she had to have a hysterectomy, so no kids for her. You are such a good mum that it would definitely be tragic if the same fate had befallen you. You must have been petrified at the ultrasound and having chemo seems like one step short of death. My bestie from high school is currently undergoing chemo for stage 3 breast cancer and I know she's doing it tough. It is definitely scary and a wake up call when you get close to not being around, for a while it was something that made me anxious every day but that has lessened a bit with time. I guess we are survivors! Keep blogging! ��

    1. Thank you. yes my first through was I would have to have a hysterectomy and was told that when they removed my molar pregnancy, I was very lucky. In fact my case is used as an exam question for people wanting to become obgyn and everyone answers it with a hysterectomy.....but when they are told that I have since at 2 children they are amazed. Thank you for the support. Hope you keep reading the blog

  3. OMG Elita, what a horrific story! You poor thing, I'm so sorry you had to go through that, you are such a strong woman! My God, I nearly lost the plot when my first pregnancy was ectopic (baby growing in the tube) and had to have my tube removed - but that's so trivial compared to your heartache my love - Itake my hat off to you, you are amazing! xox