Monday, August 25, 2014


Hi everyone

Sorry I have not been around as much lately had both boys down with bronchitis so not fun at all here, then a hubby with man flu(lots of moaning and groaning) and a mumma who cause a cold but had to keep going for the 2 boys who coughed all night and my big 5 yr old needing a nebuliser for the first time(scared the shit out of me) and this mumma was very tired.

Today let talk about friendships and what they mean to me/you.

My friends mean the world to me, I had no brothers or sisters growing up so to me they are like a second family. I have had a few really close friends over the years but never a huge group of friends I could probably count the group on one hand or less sometime......not sure if that is telling me something or not.

When I got in to the workforce to be honest I had workmates that were friends but I did not hang out with them on the weekend maybe the odd Friday night after work drink(worked in child care, so some weeks needed that drink) I was really a loner on the weekends....not from lack of trying, just did not want to push myself or our work relationship too far....hope that made sense.

Then came the whole motherhood thing and it seems like you are back to square one. complete strangers seem to comment on your bump or want to touch it. The friends that you had before you got pregnant seem to fade in to the background. I remember I tried to keep up my friendships after I had my first child by going out for drinks with the girls when my son was 6 weeks old......I though I can do was the hardest thing ever to do.....I was only gone 2 hrs and I really did not relax.....I have since be able to go out and relax a bit more.....but as mums we forget how hard that first separation can be.

I went to a mother group program that Child health ran......which went for 6 weeks and I meet some amazing women(some were stay at home mums, part time worker and we even had full time workers) and we grew very close.....we keep meeting every week to help each other through the day to day with a baby/toddler and then a pre-schooler......the friends I had before kids fell away I guess we grew apart.....I will admit I did not mind as I had new friends that understood what I was going through on a day to day basis.

I still have a few of these friends.....others have moved of these friends has become my bestie and I would do anything for her and her family. She is always there for me and offers to help in anyway possible......I do the same for her she is part of my family now and would not have it any other way we even managed even when our children go to different schools.

Then we hit the school mums (my boy has just started kindy this year) and you feel like you are back at high school trying to work out where you fit or even if you do fit in somewhere......but I am so thankfully that I have found some great new friends at school and hopefully these friendships will continue to bloom as our children progress though primary school.

 I found this quote earlier in the year and thought it would be great and so true.
'People make time for who they want to make time for. People text & reply to people they want to talk to. Never believe anyone who says they've been to busy. If they wanted to be around you, they would'................even if it is a simple hi in a text or message on FB. what do you think of that quote?

So how many great friends do you have(the ones that are really there for you) and how often do you see you make an effort or is it pretty even?

Have a great Monday everyone xx


  1. Great blog Elita - I totally get where you're coming from! I found it hard too! Not sure about that quote though, I genuinely mean to catch up with people that I genuinely care about, but time always manages to get away from me!

  2. Elita, hun, I hope you, your little boys and your big boy (lol) are feeling better! Your blog is wonderful! It seems to flow so effortlessly from your soul. (I sound corny, but I mean it. I am in awe of you!) I am an only child too, so I can relate to what you say. Sadly, I have no children, but I still get it. And, I love the quote! xxoo