Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mumma Guilt

Hi everyone

Today I am writing about mumma guilt. It has taken me 5 yrs to feel it but all I can say is "dislike it a lot"

I feel like crap. I have the man flu (that hubby passed on to me) and master 5 was home from school yesterday with a temp and one chesty cough.(I am that mum today who you say should have keep child at home)

Today I sent him to school and I feel so guilty for it (sorry to classmates, if they get sick) we went to the dr yesterday at 10am and by the time we got in the car after being told he had a viral thing. He asked for McDonalds for lunch (which we had because he had waited well for 45 min to see dr for a 5 min appointment) and then after rest time he ran around the backyard for an hr playing with his brother.

So I decided if he could do that he would be right for school. (did wake up with a small temp which had come down before school) so I dosed him up with neurofen and sent him to school.

I will be the mum waiting at school gate with Panadol in hand ready to dose him again.....feel like a bad mum and guilt is unbelievable.

He wanted to go to school to see his friends he was so excited who am I to say he could not go...I know I am his mum and I should put my foot down but to be honest I could use a rest so I can get better too. He has a book week walk tomorrow and would be so upset to miss it.....worst mum ever I would be

So I am sorry to his classmates and I guess I am sitting here waiting for a phone call to collect him from school......before my little man nap time.

So anyone else had the mumma guilts and what did you do to get them confession time?


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  1. I knew how you feel hun, I'm always questioning my actions too! If I send them to school, I question if I should have taken the day off work and stayed home with them, if I do then of to a grandparent, I worry that that's feel I don't live them enough to stay with them (& my daughter will say that to me anyway) but I'd I don't work I don't get paid, as I'm a casual. Plus the grandparents would be offended that I didn't trust them with the kids, but at the same time, they one side will trek me im being taken for a fool, and they're not really sick enough to miss school, the other side will complain that in being negligent if I do send them to school, and I should be rushing to the doctor every time they sneeze, so I can never win regardless! Today, I have hubby and our son both home sick, and I came to work, but hubby was doing s little better, and I have been worse and still had to cope with a sick child on my own, so hopefully he can cope, plus my son is a very mature 14yr old, so he's not a handful, but I still feel guilty and I'm sure my mum & dad will tell me off for leaving them! So yes Elita, I totally understand how you feel - hang in there hun, hopefully things will improve! xo