Friday, August 15, 2014

Weekly eye-candy


What can I say it is a hard job but here is this weeks eye candy

Some of you know who this is if you don't this my friends is Jay Ryan (Mr Beast from CW's Beauty and the Beast)  may have seen him in Offspring, Terra Nova and Go girls.

If you have not seen Beauty And The Beast  do yourself a favour and watch it,no I am serious really watch it and give it a few episodes ...I mean his voice,his eyes and man that body.......ahhhhh puddle on the floor right now. He can pull a suit off very well.(Monday nights on foxtel/Austar 8:30pm on Fox8) if not I have all episodes if you ask nicely I will pm you.......remember I did worn you about my obsession with this show.

Any suggestions for weekly eye candy is welcomed.


  1. I think you should post some Vincent Keller pictures ;)

    1. there are so many to choose from.....I know I will regret asking you this...which ones would you like....might have to go and get some from your pinterest. Thank you for your comment