Monday, September 8, 2014

What is it with Men sometimes......


Hope everyone had a great weekend, mine was the same old, I did go to a great linen party on Saturday so that was nice to get out of the house kids free for a little while at least.

Well today I am talking about Males in particular Mechanics.AHHHHH

I took my car to the mechanics this morning after I was told that my normal mechanic could not fix the problem as he had never change one on my little I had to take it to the proper Proton mechanic to I call up and was told the part I need would have to be freighted in from Melbourne so that was ok and everything so I would have to wait to get my car fix but it was still drivable so away I went everyday until today.

Was told to drop it in a 8am so the whole family had to be out the door by 7:30am we got in there before 8 and then 8am came and went 15 minutes later the mechanic decides to show up, up until them the gate was locked and bolted.

When I pass the keys over to him he look at me like I am crazy and ask "dropping off" I told him "yes was told to drop off at 8am and now my husband is late for work" my answer was " I had to do a school drop off so that is why I am late" explained that need the car back my 2pm so I could do the school pick up. I get "you know what's wrong with it" I tell him that it,is a leak at the back of water pump whether it is water pump not hose not sure. "call me if problem" I leave the car with him and am thinking great he does not know what he is doing.

Then he tell me that he may not have it ready and that he would call my husband when ready.....WTF.........I just said to call me and that I need it for a school run. Because I am a women do I look silly. I seem to get this once a week where men think women are silly the other day it was an elderly gentleman who push in front of me when I had the pram and I knock his heel I said sorry but all I got was young mums of today just pushing out babies to get money......then he looked down and saw my wedding band and just suddenly stopped what he was saying.

Well that is my vent.....might just ring the mechanic and see how he is going with it. Wish me luck.

Does anyone else seem to cope this sometimes or if you have a whinge you would like to have about Males in general, would love to hear it today. Vent away.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Elita xx

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  1. Sorry you are having a bad time with such misogynistic chauvinists! I have had issues with mechanics in the past but for quite a while now have serviced the car with Toyota and they are very respectful, thank goodness! I hate to say t but it may be more prevalent down in Tassie, just because it is quieter and there is probably less competition for your business. In Sydney they might get kicked in the balls! As they richly deserve! My husband is condescending a lot of the time which annoys me as occasionally I have some good ideas or solutions to problems which benefit him! He also denigrates my "little" job as I have worked part time since having my second child. Initially this was my choice but a year before he was to start school they made me permanent part time and I haven't pushed too hard to get my hours back up. Funny thing is that my job is less strenuous and pays more than his per hour. I think it's mostly a case of sour grapes! Lol I will have been there 30 years in February while he has had more job changes than I can count. It's my " little job" which keeps our heads above water when he 's out of work. MEN Pfffffttttt. I hope your day has improved and your car is finally fixed up! ����