Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Me Time


Hope everyone's weekend was good. I had an ok one stayed at home with family which was good but this is what I usual do so nothing different here.

So today lets talk about Me time(so time just for you) as a mum do you get any?, As a wife/partner do you get any?

I will admit I miss Me Time, I love my children to bits but I do miss sometimes just sitting down with a friend for a huge catch up or just jumping in the car and going somewhere without have to thing about nap or bedtime.

I will always put my children first and that is the way it should be to me. when I think about where I come on the list......."thinking"......yeah that's me at the bottom.(kids, hubby ,me) not sure if that is silly or not but I think that is the way I feel and always have.


So if you could have anytime (for you left in the day) what would you do with it? What do you enjoy doing when you get some time just for you?

I love to read(trashy romantic novels), I enjoy card making(not good at it, but worth a try), a nice glass of wine and if I have the opportunity I love a beauty treatment(even if now I tint my own eyelashes at home) a good meal with friends who understand you is always great too.

To make myself sound silly. I also think it is important to have time for you so you can come back refreshed and for some reason you feel happier too(well I know I do). Do I sound unreasonable my hubby goes to work all day so he gets a break from the children and I am there 24 hrs a day. Just once a week an hour to myself would be great.....I am happy for it to be broke down in to 30 min lots if that is easier. "It takes a village to raise a family" love this quote and I first heard it when I was in the mother baby unit with my first. I now make a point to be there for my friends with new babies particularly under 12 weeks old as I remember it was hard and all such a blur. I do not have a mum I can drop my children off too or even just flake it on her couch for a quick cuppa (my mum passed away nearly 10 yrs ago, and I miss her, everyday)... I think because my youngest son is going through the terrible 2 I am feel this loss of me time. and when I do take some me time I feel so guilty for it......Does anyone else feel like this?

So lets make a plan to do something for ourselves this week, write it in the diary or on the calendar. I need to start looking after me too and must keep this quote close by.

Have a great day everyone

Elita xxx

P.S Found this article the morning that seems right for this post. anyone else nodding their head to it.


  1. I try and make time for 'me' time. I'm a better wife and mama when I do.

    Also, thanks for including me on your blog roll. x

  2. I am with you Elita, guilt free me time is great. Doing this tonight right now in bed & reading your latest post. Fabulous me time xx