Monday, September 15, 2014

Time for me

Hi everyone

Hope your weekend was good.

This week I have started a couple of new things that are just for me.

Do not get me wrong. I am so grateful for my husband and children but when someone asked me my dreams the other week I could not tell them anything. I have a bucket list which I am starting to cross things off of you all know that I have a post written about it. I spent the next few days thinking about a dream and come up with I thought maybe it was time to find me the women behind 3 children(yes I include hubby in that too)

I love my children to the moon and back and so much more, but somewhere in trying to be a good mum and wife, looking after my children.......I think I lost me the women. I find myself getting grumpy quickly and have a very short fuse for things that should not brother me.

So for the next month this is what I am doing to find me again, the fun me.

I am planning on becoming an Abundant mama. I came across this website by accident one day and I read some of her blog post and I found myself nodding with them....then I noticed she ran an e-course so I read what she is cover and I will admit I sat on the decision for over 2 weeks which is not like me at all......mummy guilt about wether I should spend it on me or am I just being silly.

I thought what harm can it do and so I went for it. So if I am not here much I am finding me the fun mumma I want to be again. My children deserve that after all it will not be long before they will not want me around on the weekend.....but that is a whole different post.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Feel free to leave comment.

Have a great Monday.

Elita xx

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  1. What a great list.
    I gave up on any kind of me time about 5 years ago!!
    I was just about to write a post having a whinge!! Most of the time I am fine with it but sometimes five minutes is all I want!!