Monday, September 22, 2014

Friendship part 2


Hope your weekend was good, I had 2 sick children so not fun for me but hopefully on mend now.

So today I lost a friend or she may not have been quite a friend yet....I really do not know.

So why am I feeling terrible about it.

Let me tell you a little about the friend I like to be. I am a straight shooter.....yes I am probably the person you hate or dislike. I do not mess around I talk openly and honestly and that is the way I like to spoken to in return.

I am my mother daughter I do not much around. Sometime I think it is a great thing and other times I wish I could hold back but it is not I my nature to do that......I guess I leant from a very young age that you need to be honest....maybe being an only child and having no children to chat too just adults did this I am not sure.

To be honest I really did not know her very well and what I understand she can change her mind every day with what she want to do.

Now I am going to let you in a secret when I was in high school I was bullied not at school but on the way home on the bus. I would always sit with a least I throughout she was a friend but I leant quickly maybe she was not.

Anyway back to being bullied. I would leave my bag under the chair and the girl would would bully me would pull my bag from under the chair and spit in my lunch box or down the side of my bag anywhere she thought I would put my hand. Is was horrible and I did not say a word I just sat there and took it....even my friend did not say anything.....and now thinking back to that now I guess she was worried it might happen to her so she keep quiet.

At night I cried and tried to clean my bag out before my mum saw it. In the end I moved to the front of the bus so she could not do it anymore.....but of course I felt alone and did not know what else to do....still make me cry today thinking about it.

I know how could a person like me be bullied but it show it can happen to anyone.....maybe that is why I now seem to be honest and a straight talker now. I really do not know.

So maybe I drove her away with my honesty, I will never know because she will not let anyone in or let anyone know how she is feeling.....

Ok enough of me going on about it....can not do anything now.i have a great bestie who is an amazing person and is a sister I never had. So I would do anything for her. So thank you and you know who you are.

Have a great week, back to my e-course now.



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  1. I really like the fact you are a what you see is what you get type of person. People can be so cruel especially in the teen years when they are try to find their place in the world, I too have add my experience with bullying for a long time I alway tried to please everyone for fear of not being like. In recent year I have come to do a lot of soul searching and very quickly learnt that at the end of the day as long as I am true to myself what others think of me does not control me. During my soul searching stage I very quickly discovered where I stood with others I lost friend but I also gain new one. Although I have not know you long I consider you one of these new friends I very much enjoy our school pick up chats and enjoy reading your blogs.