Monday, September 29, 2014

Bit of everything today

Hi Everyone

Hope your weekend was good, mine was great.

Well for today's post it is a bit of everything, I am feeling so proud of myself and I will explain that later.

So let begin at the weekend so this weekend was the AFL Grand final here in Australia and my husbands team was playing so I can tell you that our tv was on from 9 am and was not turned off until after 8pm that night. We had a few drinks and sat back to enjoy the day (anyone in America to us in Australia it would be the same as your super bowl weekend) it really was a one sided game in the end with the Hawthorn hawks wining.....back to back premierships. So one very happy husband and he was like that all weekend. got lots of job done off the to do list as he was so happy he just did them.

I did lots of baking yesterday. cooked brownies, pizza for tea and rolls. it was a busy day in my kitchen but so much fun, lots of mess and flour on tops, floor and carpet. Will remember the day for the fun we had.

Today is the start of school holidays here and lets just say my children are all over the emotional scale. one minute happy one minute fighting and very loud. My 5 yr old need to be entertained so I have made a jar with different things to do in it to keep him entertained seems to be working so far. My 2 yr old is loving having his big brother home but that also means he has to share and try not to annoy his brother which I can say he is loving doing to him.

We are going to do a planner after rest/sleep time so we know what we are doing and so my 5 yr old know when we are going out or staying home. Also so this mum can see when she needs money and when she doesn't as I have found school holidays can be expensive if I let it be.

So to my proud moment today. better tell you back story first. my son's ipad was still running ios 6 ( I know who is still running that, needed to delete games and did not have the heart to do that too them) so today I thought I could update via the computer would not take ups so many MB's so I deleted a few things not that my son's know yet. And like you do I googled how to do it.

As I was hooking the ipad up I was hoping it would work and thinking please do not lose all the games or I think I would have very upset children to deal with. my first hurdle was the fact was the ipad was not charging but syncing fine so after googling that we moved on to the next step.

So after an hour and a half finally the ipad is updated with the lastest ios 8 and my boys is happy as he can finally watch iview as it was not working mum fixed it and now I have one happy boy the things we do for our children......very proud mummy and a HUGE Thank you to google.....I know I would be lost doing something like that without it.

Off to open a few parcels that came for me today. one with scrapbooking cards in getting parcels...... in fact if anyone is interested in joining me I have joined up for the Fat Mum Slim gift exchange. Here is the link: if you want to join me I think it is a fantastic idea to brighten someone's Christmas up. So who is joining me would love to know.

Hope you all have a great day and school holidays to everyone in Tasmania.


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