Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nap/Rest Time: What do you do?

Okay so lets chat about what you do during Nap/rest time

I so LOVE nap/rest time the 2 hours I get is wonderful and I need them not only for my sanity but I think it is the only time I get to be by myself and to do anything I want and not be interrupted.

I am one of those mums who has always had a routine and my first son loved it her know what was happening and when it was going to happen. I am flexible but I would make appointments around nap/rest time even when they were babies. I spent time in the mother baby unit and learnt fairly quickly that a baby will sleep better in the same environment.....and that to me was bed.

When I only had one child and we dropped to 3 sleeps a day at 6 months I did let him sleep in the pram a few days a week as I enjoyed the walk out to my hubby and I only did that a couple of times a I found if you changed routine too much it took a few days to get back into it again.

My first son was in a single bed from 2 yr old and have never had any trouble with him coming out numerous times at night.

So when my second boy came along I found a routine worked very well with him too....I used the things I had been taught in the MBU like a newborn should only be up 1 hr before they need sleep that included feeding time....this helped to avoid overtired and I learnt very quickly an overtired baby is hard to settle and feed.

Both my boys love routine and I am so happy about that....we all do the same thing every morning as adults so why not help our children too

So will stop ranting now.

When my boys are napping or resting........yes I am one of those mums my 5 yr old still goes to his room and has a rest he will play the ipad or read, it need to be quiet and stay in his room until 2pm then he come outs

While my boys are napping and resting I am catching up on tv shows I love which means Beauty and the Beast, Arrow and Reign (all CW shows too) or I am chatting to a friend on Facebook, I eat bad food normally and enjoy a hot drink, read a book, write/read a blog(like I am doing today)  It is time for me time for my brain to switch off and not have to think about answering any questions or watching what I say. I do not do any housework...that has always been my rule and I try to encourage my friends who have children to do this need to sit and breath sometimes.

The silence to be me is great, sometime I even can sneak an extra 20 min on to nap/rest time but lately since my 5 yr old can tell the time he come out right on 2pm and we are back to it again.

What do you do during nap/rest time, do you have a sleep too or it that your house keeping time?

Let me know.......I love hearing what everyone else does

Have a great rest time....what I have left anyway 

Elita xxx


  1. Another thing we have in common, Elita! I confess to sitting here right now, half an hour before school pick up on my day off, munching, catching up with recorded tv and on fb and twitter feeds. In order to not feel too guilty I did put away all the groceries, put out the bin and a load of washing and picked up the dog poop in the yard before I allowed myself to sit down.... I pretty much did the same thing when I was a slave to nap time, too. I always joked that I went back to work because I got a tea and lunch break where I could do anything I wanted! I really needed that and when I could, a soak in a hot bath was an essential sanity preserver! Still is, even now the kids are older. Gotta have something or we lose ourselves.

  2. I can see the value in having a good nap time routine when my boys were yonger I use thake the opportunity to have nap quit often the hubby would come home to find use all on the couch with Thomas the tank run for the tenth time, this was the only way I could get my boys to unwind. Now they feed off each other, and don't seem to run out off energy even with rising at 5 am. This time around I have laid down the ground rule with little miss and I am amazed by how much I get done for myself those I probably should try to squeeze in some homely duties it does help that I now have one in school and do rely on childcare for my sanity .

    1. Thank you Elizabeth I can relate completely. it is so amazing how much you can do alone

  3. I get 4 hours a week to myself because I am full-time working. This is at the weekend. He has his nap around lunch time so once he does I am making nice lunch for hubby and me and then we just sit down on the couch and relax. Nothing else really. Get to read a few blogs. Bliss!
    I have it very good though. Hubby minds him half the other time so I get to clean or go into town or do the grocery shopping.